Surveys and prospecting

Opinons and trends

Surveys and information prospecting provide qualitative insight on a given subject by revealing new avenues for reflection or improvement. They are validation tools by sampling a group or specific individuals. They can validate or invalidate the merits of methods and trends.

We are working with you to prepare survey questions and telephone interview templates. Surveys can be managed using free versions of tools like SurveyMonkey.

Cogniges also has the LimeSurvey tool, so you have access to a powerful tool, with no limits with regard to the number of questions. Read our article on the subject.

Design, management and analysis

Is the information you are looking for in the minds of subject matter experts, members of your association or your peers? Here are some examples of the surveys we can design, manage and analyze for you.

  • Members opinion

    • Your association wishes to know the opinion of its members about an activity you organized (congress, training, etc.)

    • You plan to set up a training calendar and want to know the opinion of your members on the topics to be included

  • Suggestions from interest groups, stakeholders, etc.

    • You are considering the update of your member's support center and want to know what is being done in other similar organizations, other provinces, etc.

    • You are writing a blog post and want to get the opinion of your peers on a subject

Phone interviews

You need unique quotes or in-depth opinions on an issue or you need to know how organizations similar to yours do in certain situations, key phone interviews are the solution.

We interview:

  • Experts in the targeted field
  • Users of products or services
  • Thought leaders in the targeted field

Our articles

Tools, case examples, new trends, and more make up our articles that are always at the cutting edge of our areas of expertise.