Infowatch and monitoring

Business Intelligence

Information watch or monitoring is an information tool that allows you to stay connected to your environment, whatever it is. It is an information analysis process that lets you know in order to plan and act with confidence.

Information monitoring allows you to get the global picture about a particular subject and to know the latest developments on this issue.

Business intelligence identifies trends in your business area and blind spots in terms of information for decision-making, giving you the ability to adapt to increase the traction of your decisions.

Monitoring: The key to information and business intelligence

Information watch, monitoring a subject of interest

Stay up to date with the latest developments related to your interests

We actively and continuously monitor various sources of information. Our approach aims to inform your organization in relation to a specific subject. We work in the  health, pharmaceutical, social, technological and legal sectors. We can set up a watch process for your organization or we can act as watchers for your already in place team.

Competitive information watch, monitoring your business environment

Anticipate trends, be on the lookout for changes

We actively and continuously monitor your legal, industrial and competitive environment. Our approach aims to feed your decision-making and support innovation in your organization. We can set up a watch process for your organization or we can act as watchers for your team.

Implementation of a monitoring process

Do you hesitate to set up a monitoring process? You don't know where to start?

We offer an infowatch process design and implementation service. We create a monitoring process, strategic or informational, adapted to your organization. From tool selection, to the delivery of the monitoring product, through data analysis, we offer a service that will allow you to improve your decision-making or stay ahead of trends.

We offer a special training on the subject. Contact us for more details. 

Updating an existing infowatch process

Do you want to improve your information monitoring results?

We offer a service to update watch processes. We put our expertise at your service to improve the choice of sources, assess new monitoring tools, update your templates, etc.

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