Information research

Information research

Need a newsletter, an information scan, a search strategy, a literature search report, a list of articles including the summaries, a product comparison, etc., we make the most of existing information sources to deliver the relevant information you need when you need it.

We expertly collect and analyze the information obtained from the best sources of scientific data, business, gray literature and primary information. Whether for the design or revision of research strategies or for the management of the entire research process, we put our expertise at your service for a result ready to inform your decision-making or other informational needs.

Our research ethics allow the delivery of relevant, objective information, delivered at the right time and in the format of your choice, thus becoming a powerful organizational performance tool.

Science Literature

For a given question, we use databases such as Pubmed, Medline,, PsychInfo, Cochrane Library, ScienceDirect, etc. to obtain information relevant to your needs. From the creation of strategies to results formatting according to your needs, through analysis, thanks to our 20 years of expertise, we support you through this rigorous research process.

We also create or review research strategies for systematic reviews.

Social Sciences Literature

For a specific search question, we use databases like Erudit, ERIC, Social SciSearch, etc. to respond precisely to your information needs.

Cogniges' skills in this area allow us to develop the strategies required to maximize the results, analyze the content and format the results according to your specifications.


Whether you need an information report on a specific subject, an analysis of what information we can find in newspapers or magazines about a product or information about your competitors, we can help. We use sources like Eureka, Factiva, etc. to build an informative report answering your information needs. Cogniges is also able to formulate a strategy for the benefit of your internal information service.

Grey Literature

Information relevant to your needs is not always found in a database. Depending on the scope of your request, we also do research within specific organizations websites.

We operate a variety of search engines and go beyond what known engines such as Google can offer by thoroughly researching the sites of various organizations relevant to your industry.

For exemple :

  • Organizations reports (ex. OECD, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, etc.)
  • Government reports (Canadian, provincials and foreign countries)
  • Less knon databases like (ex. Infobase, CADTH, CIHI, etc.)

Primary Information

When the information you are looking for does not exist in the usual sources, we can collect the basic data for you. Whether you need to compe product offers from competitors, interview opinion leaders or experts in a field or monitor social media networks, we collect information to provide you with a tool that is relevant to your decision making.

  • Product or service offers comparators
  • Basic market analysis
  • Social media monitoring

Our articles

Tools, case examples, new trends, and more make up our articles that are always at the cutting edge of our areas of expertise.