About us

The company

Since 2004, Cogniges inc. designs and develops information retrieval strategies to find and send to its legal, healthcare, technological and pharmaceutical customers relevant information just in time to contribute to the advancement and the performance of organizations.

We also offer pre-competitive and commercial research services to service companies, manufacturers and to independant experts and consultants.

Cogniges respects strict ethical principles of confidentiality and protection of the information entrusted to the company.

Cogniges is a proud member of the following associations and communities of practice:

  • Association of Independant Information Professionnals
  • Communauté de pratique, veille en santé et services sociaux du Québec
Our motivation

Deliver information retrieval and monitoring or information watch services that allow you to know, clarify and anticipate movements and trends in order to remove uncertainty and tame performance.

Our customers are therefore able to design impact strategies and approaches to maximize their results and improve their performance. To ensure this, we act as a close partner with the teams in place, investing ourselves to develop solutions adapted to their needs for advisory services and information retrieval, within the existing processes and organizational culture.

Domaines d'expertise


An organization working in the health and technology sector produces a newsletter in order to position itself as a leader in its field. It also wishes to inform subscribers (internal and external to the organization) on specific subjects related to the organization's strategic goals.

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A pharmaceutical company needs Canadian data on a drug X and medical condition Y (epidemiology, demographics, statistics on treatment options, side effects of the drug, etc.) in order to provide the Canadian government officials with a comprehensive risk reduction plan.

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We helped an independent management consultant working on assignment with a Canadian university to review the mission of a service unit of this organization obtain primary information to feed its analysis and recommendations.

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A law firm needs a documented research in Canadian newspapers to prepare an affidavit in an intellectual property case or a manufacturing company producing a consumer product in a highly regulated sector must monitor legal current affairs, Canadian laws and regulations, and official gazettes and publications.

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Our articles

Tools, case examples, new trends, and more make up our articles that are always at the cutting edge of our areas of expertise.