Access to article databases is expensive. No matter the field, business, science, or health, effectively finding quality information from authoritative publications has its price.

Information services, libraries and documentation centres need to anticipate the information needs of their organizations, but they may have to answer unpredictable questions.

Therefore Cogniges inc. gives you access to the card in more than a hundred databases. Thanks to an agreement with Dialog Proquest, we offer access, payable on a usage basis, to publications, resources and articles in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical and biomedical (AdisInsight: Drugs, Embase, Medline, PsycINFO)
  • Business and news (ABI / INFORM Professional Advanced, ProQuest Newsstand ™ Professional)
  • Social sciences (ERIC)
  • Agriculture and food (Foodline®: SCIENCE)
  • Energy and environmental sciences (Aqualine, GeoRef)
  • Engineering and technology (Aerospace Database, Chemical Safety Newsbase)
  • Intellectual property (Canada Patents Full Text)

We also have access to multidisciplinary databases like Current Contents.

An unforeseen need arises, fear not, we find relevant information inexpensively. You only pay for resources that are downloaded (references and articles)*.

How does it work?

Research requests are analyzed to identify your need. This allows us to assess which are the best databases to answer your question. Thereafter, we prepare a search strategy based on your needs and the databases selected.

We execute the strategy in Dialog Proquest and we determine the associated costs (for downloading references, selected articles, etc.).

We send you a cost estimate and our recommendations. This allows you to control your budget.

You decide what to do next.

Send us your need using our contact form, by email at or by phone at 514-544-2742

* The fees associated with working time are extra.