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Cogniges inc. offers customized information research, informational or strategic watch services for various fields, including the pharmaceutical industry, health and technology.

We create search strategies for various databases such as Pubmed, Medline, Embase, etc. We can also help you find gray literature, anticipate the movements of your competitors, monitor your legal and competitive environment and improve your decision-making.

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Information research

Need a newsletter, an information scan, a literature search strategy, a literature search report, a list of articles with summary, etc., we get the most out of the information sources existing to deliver the relevant information you need when you need it.

Information watch or monitoring

Information watch or monitoring is an information tool that allows you to stay connected to your environment, whatever it is. It is an information analysis process that lets you know in order to plan and act with confidence.

Survey and interviews

Surveys and information prospecting provide qualitative insight on a given subject by revealing new avenues for reflection or improvement.


Training in research and information management improves the information and technological methods, processes and tools used to maintain and improve the information performance of the organization.

Our expertise



An organization from the health and technology sector produces a newsletter to help position itself as a leader in its field. It wishes to inform subscribers on specific subjects related to the strategic directions of the organization.

Pharmaceutical industry

A pharmaceutical company needs to obtain Canadian data on drug X and medical condition Y in order to provide a comprehensive risk reduction plan to Canadian government authorities.


An independent management consultant working on an assignement with a Canadian university to review the mission of a unit of this organization needs research to feed its analysis and recommendations.


A law firm needs to a documented research of newspaper articles in an intellectual property litigation.