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Our services

We find the information you need at the moment you need it.

News Monitoring: follow the news (printed, social medias, blogs, Websites) to know what is said about you (e-reputation) and your products, about your competitors and their products and to be aware of important trends in your industry. Delivered in the format of your choice: email, database, newsletter, pdf file or others. The frequency can match your needs (daily, weekly, monthly)

Competitive intelligence: design and implementation of an efficient competitive intelligence strategy to improve decision making processes, to help increase market share or develop new markets, to improve equipment or to help in the design of new products. We design a professional solution adapted to your budget and needs.

Research: if you need to understand a subject in depth like how you can use new technologies (Web 2.0, blogs, wikis, etc.) to increase your market shares, we can help.

Training: Information research and competitive intelligence tailored to your needs.

Our approach

Cogniges offers services in information management and retrieval
In the context of strategic decision making, our different services of information search, competitive intelligence, news monitoring or watch allow you to anticipate what your competitors are doing, to identify new technologies worth knowing in your industry, to be a step ahead regarding trends or to put in place innovative projects.

We are members of the Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Québec and of the Association of Independant Information Professionals.

Anticipate your competitor's moves

For all your competitive intelligence needs, use an expert in knowledge management.