We meet the needs of our customers for information management
Céline Bélanger B.A., M.B.S.I. Knowledge management professional, established Cogniges inc. in April 2004. Céline Bélanger has a degree in information sciences from Université de Montréal and an undergraduate degree in arts (major in psychology from McGill University. She has more than 15 years of experience in information search, competitive intelligence and information centre management.

Cogniges inc. has been fulfilling the knowledge management needs of clients from different industries, services, pharmaceutical or manufacturing. Our custom-made services allow our clients to be a step ahead about how they can use trends to develop new markets.

"Cogniges" is a contraction between the French words "cognition" (ability to know) and "gestion" (management).



Reduce information overload and provide our customers with relevant information

Provide to our clients, at the right time, decision making oriented strategic information.

Cogniges inc.'s mission is to provide to our clients, at the right time, decision making oriented strategic information. Our quality-oriented services are custom-made for our clients’ work reality.

We rapidly find the information you need at the moment you need it.

Your needs are at the center of our approach. We adapt to your resources.

Our services

Cogniges offers services in information management and retrieval
In the context of strategic decision making, our different services of information search, competitive intelligence, news monitoring or watch allow you to anticipate what your competitors are doing, to identify new technologies worth knowing in your industry, to be a step ahead regarding trends or to put in place innovative projects.

We are members of the Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Québec and of the Association of Independant Information Professionals.

We guarantee confidentiality and privacy

Cogniges is well aware of the importance of respecting the confidentiality of its clients' needs.