Entrepreneurs, to your list, go

By Céline 17 February 2014 - Categorie: Entrepreneurship

In a conference targeting future entrepreneurs, I had the occasion to think back about my beginnings. When I started Cogniges, I was an expert in information research, but I was far from being an entrepreneur.

My expertise was an asset to overcome my lack of experience in business. In no time, I had found the best reference sites, important articles and many tools, contract and letter templates. I had interview other entrepreneurs and found a mentor.

In this mass of information, one advice is still current and proved its usefulness.

5 persons

Yes, build a list, but not any list. A list of five persons who could be easily reached by phone and whom I could trust. People available to listen, be happy or show empathy in the successful or bad times.

Ten years later, I still have that list, in plain sight, right besides my computer. Other notes are gone, but this one sticks. Some people have been replaced on my list but my list still contains five names. Believe me, five names is not too many. You can't expect that every person will always be available at the exact moment you need them.

When future entrepreneurs ask me what is my best advice... I always recommend that they write down on paper their own list and that they keep it in plain sight.

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